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Hi there. I'm Barbara Ring

Work Conference

I recently went to the American Library Association conference. It was a very serious conference.
I go to see new technology in action in the vendor's room, to learn about better ways of doing things and to learn about potential pitfalls.

Since I am a Technical Services librarian, I went to very serious, highly technical topics.
I went to panels like "Removing the Fence: Merging Print and Electronic Serials Workflows," and "Institutional Repositories: New Roles for Acquisitions."

But the highlights were...
Book Cart Drills!
Well Stacked Scibrarian's performance on Youtube Bibliofile's short performance and Bibliofile's long performance Read about the Bibliofile's performance
Well, I guess we have fun at conferences after all.
Other Highlights
Brenna and Don Borchert My twin the public librarian enjoyed meeting Don Borchert, who wrote "Free for All," a book about a public library in southern California. My sister is on crutches because she is a wild and crazy librarian. (She twisted her ankle going for an empty seat at a teen panel after her foot had fallen asleep from sitting on the floor!)
Sally Ride I enjoyed hearing Sally Ride, a former astronaut, talk about writing books to encourage young girls to stay interested in the sciences. I did not twist my ankle.

Actually, the real reason I go to conferences is to renew my passion for librarianship.

Interesting sites: LISNews -- Shifted Librarian -- Learning 2.0 -- Library Success: Best Practices

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