Barbara's XHTML Cheatsheet

Use all lowercase for tags.

Close all elements, including the p, img, and br elements. For img and br, close within the element by adding a space and then a /.
For example,
<br />
<img src="hobbit.gif" alt="Hobbit" />

Put quotes around all attributes.
For example,
<table width="90%">

While deprecated tags are allowed in transitional XHTML, they are not allowed in strict. These include:

Remember to close the li before the second ul when nesting:
<li>Bilbo Baggins</li>
<li>Frodo Baggins</li>

Validate with W3C Markup Validation Service

From XHTML Tutorial. (1999-2006). Refsnes Data.


Note: All my code validates. The code Yahoo Geocities adds does not validate.